Name: Gina
Love It All
Life Has Begun


The ending of HIMYM was so real. It showed life how it really is. Nothing ever goes the way you think. People fall in love, people fall out of love, people choose careers instead of marriage, people change, friends become strangers, people die, marriages fail, and no matter what… everyone moves on anyway.

What I really like about this is, that was the whole point of the show. The ending wasn’t sunshine and roses, ladida, it was real life. Lily and Marshall ended up together because their love was commitment more than anything, which, subsequently, is why Robin and Barney ultimately did not end up together. Ted had a wife and kids and she, unfortunately, passed on, people don’t live forever. After her death he was still living, but he desired companionship. Of course he is going to turn to a life long friend whose divorce has long since been over. 

I think people are looking at this in an immature way, instead of recognizing the realities of life in this finale their looking at their own insecurities of everything ending with a ‘happily ever after’.

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